Complete Game Licenses

Want to be in the video game business? What if a studio offered to license you a working, commercial-quality game you could publish and begin selling the same day?

We can do just that. Our first title is a spacecraft landing game featuring our art, voices, original music, animation, proprietary engine, characters and story. It’s a lot of fun, it runs on both PC and mobile, and you can license it for a fraction of what it would cost to develop the same game from scratch.

In our fully licensed games, you get access to our entire range of talent including our production and design staff. You pay to acquire the license, and then pay a monthly minimum fee or a percentage of your revenues, whichever is greater.

Putting a team like ours together took us more than ten years. You can capitalize on our hard work and your good fortune by leveraging our experience and skill to put yourself into business right now. Today.

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