Game Engine Licensing

One of the key obstacles for new developers is building a quality game engine. While it has become much easier over the years, it can still be a major burden to design, code and test a quality foundation for a game project, especially given the limited funds and time many new teams face.

Our long experience in the business has helped us develop efficient ways of thinking about such projects. We know, for example, games that are short on scope and long on creativity have the greatest chance of success and present developers with the least overall risk. That’s why we’ve developed a library of reusable, tested and well-documented game engines that can be adapted for side-scrollers, dress-up and open world RPG titles. We’re adding new game types all the time. All a developer has to do is adjust the features and plug in their art, and their game is in beta: Ready to test and deploy on PC or mobile.

Every engine comes with optional month-to-month support and can be licensed on an open-ended basis for a fraction of the cost of developing from scratch.

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