Action Figures

Today, it is possible for an independent game developer or comic artist to create new revenue streams that were unheard of even ten years ago. If you’re a fan of Marvel Entertainment, you probably know that if it weren’t for the toys and action figures based on Spider-Man and other iconic characters, Marvel would have gone out of business long before they got a chance to launch their cinematic universe.

Animation, comics and in some cases even games are often a wash financially. The costs of getting a product to market in those businesses can be steep, and the revenue options can be scarce. Fortunately, that’s not where the best revenue opportunities are found. There is no marketing on Earth better than placing your character in the hands of one of your fans. It is an experience that cannot be beat no matter how much you spend on effects or exciting storytelling.

It is also by far the most lucrative way to monetize your work. We can take your character and turn it into a color 3D printed action figure, collectible statue or souvenir, and we can do it at rates that would make most toy companies turn eight shades of green.

The next time you take your project to a convention, and you want to stand out in the crowd, take some of our toys along. When everyone is gathered around your table and playing with them, and all the other artists and developers are trying to figure out your secret, you’ll see why merchandising has been king in the entertainment business for the last 60 years.

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