Original Digital Art

Cold Beverage Studios started out as a production line for a webcomic in 2008. That comic and its sequel helped us build an audience of more than a quarter-million readers and went on to become the flagship title for the largest English-language webcomic association in the world. At our height we had more than 70,000 readers a day, and now, we’ve had 12 years to perfect our techniques.

It took five people 18 man-hours to make each of our comic pages, but once we got the line running, we went a full seven months without missing a single regular update. The books based on those webcomics are still among our top-selling e-book titles.

All our digital art production uses the same techniques we learned making those comics. We do rough pencils, finished pencils, inks, flats and shaded color with a complete team of specialist artists. Individually, they are as talented as they come. As a team, they routinely accomplish the impossible.

Our digital paint, digital illustration and character design commissions all rely on the same art team that took our comic titles to the top. We can put that exact same team to work for you.

See examples of their work in our gallery.

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