Technical and Mechanical Drawing

Some types of art come with considerable challenges. This is one among many reasons we have so many specialties in our art team. One of those specialties that most of our clients don’t realize they need until they see it is mechanical design.

We have a complete 3D art team in addition to our traditional animation, pixel art and illustration teams. When we develop a new mesh, we always start with a basic blueprint. Some studios call these concept art. We take it a step further. We call them technical designs. They are special inks our 3D artists can use as interactive blueprints to guide the design of original 3D meshes.

Because our team is so good at building these technical inks, we can translate those skills into the design of just about any man-made machine, vehicle or structure. Spacecraft, sailing ships, moon bases, energy weapons, robots, mechs and electronic circuitry are just some of the possibilities. What makes it even better is we can take those mechanical designs and turn them into 3D models and then into 3D printed playsets using the exact same art.

Our motto is “if it’s man made, we can make it better and more exciting in your choice of colors.”

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