Enchanted Airship

If you have a:

YouTube Channel Crowdfunding Campaign Video Game
Board Game Comic E-Book or Print Book

or any other kind of creative project and you want a bigger audience and more sales, read on:



“It’s like selling at a never-ending convention, without the heavy boxes, lines or hotel bill.”

I run a gateway called airship.getabook.today My site is mobile-responsive, installed on a super-fast secure server and it is where we will be driving a ton of social media traffic from both organic and paid advertising this holiday season. We call it “Enchanted Airship.” It’s a traffic machine. How much traffic?

Total Membership Monthly Uniques
6 200 to 740
13 500 to 1800
24 1000 to 3900

That’s how many estimated monthly visits we can generate to the gateway. If you’re interested in sales of your product, contributions to your crowdfunding campaign, etc. this promotional program was made for you. You buy a slot. We put your link on our gateway. We buy traffic and send it to the gateway where they find your link and links for all our member sites.

Each time the gateway is displayed, all the sites are randomly shuffled, so everyone gets an equal chance for the top spot.

“Turn your side gig into your main gig for the cost of a large pizza.”

We’re going to invite 100 people like yourself: game developers, authors, comic artists, Twitch and YouTube channels and numerous others to our rag-tag band of fugitives, and we’re going to let each of you add your link to our gateway. Your link can point to your own video game, crowdfunding campaign, e-commerce site, freelancing business, comic or web site.

The first to join will get a monthly rate of $25. Every new member will pay the base rate plus one dollar. So the second to join will pay $26 a month, the tenth to join will pay $34 a month, the 20th will pay $44 a month and so on. Our value proposition is simple: the more people who join, the more valuable each slot in the list becomes, because the more paid advertising we will be doing and the more traffic we all get. We’re so confident in the power of this model, we’re even offering a money-back guarantee.

“It’s marketing without the high cost of ads.”

Joining Enchanted Airship will get you visibility and discoverability among gaming, anime, popular culture, science-fiction, fantasy, comics, video and convention fans. Visibility and discoverability are two things you need if you want sales of your games, books, comics, sponsorships, T-shirts or what-have-you. If you want to learn about the power of visibility, watch this:

As long as you hold on to your slot, your monthly cost won’t increase. However, if you drop out, everyone else moves up a slot and gets the next lower rate. If you re-join later you go to the back of the line. So get in early and stick around because when we do get to 100 members, you’ll be getting a tremendous advertising value.

“It’s the gig economy, except with less gig and more economy.”

Based on our most recent paid advertising results, when we get 100 members, we’ll be able to drive up to 1000 unique visits a day to the site from targeted social media promotions. That means those first few slots could be generating dozens to hundreds of visits a day to your site for pennies.

Don’t wait. Space aboard the Enchanted Airship is already selling in a hurry, and when that traffic comes pouring in, you’ll be thankful you got in early. If you’d like to join, drop me a line.

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