Hire Shane

If you are looking for a ghostwriter, developmental editor, proofreader, script doctor, story consultant or wordsmith, you have found the right place. My name is Shane Lochlann Black. I am the Internet’s original stunt writer. I charge fifteen cents a word with unlimited revisions on a flat rate price model.

Here are my books.

Here are my qualifications:

  • Total strangers in foreign countries are willing to pay to read what I write.
  • I have over a million words in print.
  • I have a four-year university degree in English.
  • I am academically qualified to teach creative and technical writing up to the college level.
  • Both my parents were award-winning journalists at CBS News and the Los Angeles Times.
  • A Pulitzer Prize winner wrote me a recommendation letter for law school.
  • I broke my first statewide story in 10th grade.
  • I interviewed a three-time Emmy® Award winning children’s television producer for one of my books.
  • My most successful novel reached the top 1500 books on Amazon.
  • I have my own bookstore.
  • I have my own cloud reading web app.
  • I have written more than ten thousand words of publish-quality fiction in a single day.
  • Myself and a comic artist built an audience of more than 250,000 readers with a webcomic in 2010.
  • I had a blog in 1995, three years before Google was in business.

If you’re interested, tell me about your project.