Hire Shane

Writing Matters.
So does spelling and grammar.

Think you can beat bad writing because of your graphics budget? So did George Lucas when he made The Phantom Menace.

Think you can beat bad writing because of your genre? So did Sega when they made Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Think you can beat bad writing because of past success? So did David Benioff and D.B. Weiss when they made Season Eight of Game of Thrones.

Those three examples represent some $200 million that was put at risk because the decision-makers thought they could save a few pennies neglecting the script. Trust me when I tell you, the idea of letting the writing skate so we can cram in a few more pretty pictures or TV ads has been tried hundreds of times, if not thousands. It never works. Your audience will know something is wrong sixty seconds after they buy your product.

Want to know how to torpedo any marketing campaign? Want to know how to disqualify yourself in that job application? Want to know how to drive your audience away in record time? It takes one misspelled word, or one grammar mistake, or a wrong verb tense, or the wrong word, an orphaned apostrophe or a sentence fragment. That’s all it takes. Writing is like gymnastics. One mistake can cost you the gold.

In show business, writing is like electricity. Everything depends on it. If the writing is bad, it is almost exactly the same experience as the lights suddenly going out. It’s no way to try and build an audience, get a job or sell a product or service.

Who are You and Why Should I Care?

This is my first Gamelit novel. Published in 2017. #1 Bestseller.

This is my eighth Military Science Fiction novella.
#1 New Release.

This is a full-color fantasy comic my studio and I published in 2013.
#7 Bestseller.

This is my second novel and top-selling book of all-time.
Strike Battleship Argent was a top 1500 worldwide title in 2016.

How Much?

For small-scale projects (less than ten thousand words) I charge $0.15 a word with a two thousand word minimum. For large-scale projects, the per-word rate depends on the type of writing (fiction, non-fiction, genre-specific, speeches, etc.) and the schedule. All the work I deliver is work-made-for-hire, which means you own both right and title. I reserve the right to display and publicly perform commissioned works to promote my business.

What Kinds of Works?

I can write in nearly any genre and on any topic. I have exemplary research skills and voluminous knowledge on a wide variety of popular topics. As far as content is concerned if it would cause moms shopping in grocery stores to complain, you’ll be happier with someone else.

Why Should I Hire You?

Total strangers in foreign countries pay to read what I write.

I produce thousands of words of virtually flawless copy at regular intervals.

There are perhaps ten thousand people in North America who can sit down with a pencil and a piece of paper and write a story that people will pay to read. I’m one of them. That makes me about as rare as a good fighter pilot, a funny comedian or competitive Major League Baseball pitcher.

Here are some of my most popular articles and book excerpts:

Here are my qualifications:

  • I have over a million words in print.
  • I have readers in sixteen countries.
  • I have a four-year university degree in English.
  • I have an unlimited special effects budget.
  • I am academically qualified to teach creative and technical writing up to the college level.
  • My artists and I have delivered over 1600 freelance projects to clients all over the world since 2008.
  • Both my parents were award-winning journalists at CBS News and the Los Angeles Times.
  • I interviewed a two-time Emmy┬« Award winning children’s television producer for one of my books.
  • I built my own bookstore.
  • I am the Internet’s original stunt writer.
  • I wrote my own cloud reading web app.
  • I have written more than ten thousand words of commercial-quality fiction in a single day.
  • My artists and I built an audience of more than 250,000 readers with a webcomic I wrote in 2010.
  • I had a blog in 1995, three years before Google was in business and four years before the word “blog” was invented.
  • A Pulitzer Prize winner wrote me a recommendation letter for law school.
  • I broke my first statewide story in 10th grade.

Not only do I know how to write, I know how to sell what I write. Let’s talk.